Children & Infants

Kids love getting adjusted!

Kids need drug-free holistic health care–Now more than ever!

Why treat children? Who falls down all the time? When an infant is learning to walk they fall, over and over again. The floor is hard and the baby is not… Contrary to folk lore, babies don’t bounce and they do injure their fragile bodies all the time.

Chiropractic care is safe, gentle and effective in treating a child who has fallen off a bed, bike, jungle gym. You get the picture. A baby aspirin or Tylenol cannot undo the damage that a traumatic injury causes (except some of the inflammation, initially).

Children’s Chiropractor

Chiropractic has been proven safe and effective for many problems our children regularly suffer from, including:

  • Ear infections
  • Food sensitivities/allergies
  • Sports injuries (sprains and strains)
  • “Growing Pains”
  • Headaches
  • ‘Text Neck’
  • Scoliosis

This is only a partial list. Our practice also helps many with nutritional deficiencies and immune system support throughout the year.

Allergic reactions are getting more prevalent in our increasingly polluted world. Our practice cares for bodies of all ages that suffer from various hypersensitivities. I am currently treating a six year old who was taking FIVE prescribed pharmaceutical products to ‘treat’ her allergies (which her pediatrician could not even identify!). Utilizing simple Applied Kinesiological testing, in the office, she was able to stop all five within a week. Her mom took her to Kaiser, for her annual checkup and her doctor was amazed that she was off all her meds and had no cough, runny eyes or congestion. She has now been back to school and not gotten sick like many of her classmates. Her immune system is stronger and able to keep her healthy.

Read the American Chiropractic Association’s statement on Pediatric Care