Although chiropractic does not treat disease, it helps the body function optimally and adapt to its environment. Like cleaning  your computer’s hard drive; the nervous system (the body’s hard drive) is able to resolve the body’s “glitches” when it’s functioning optimally. 

Allergen Attack

When you come into contact with an allergen, which could be dust, dog/cat hair, or certain foods, your body inappropriately perceives it as a potential threat. If functioning properly, your body most often will get rid of the allergen and you may not have a reaction. Those that do react may have an overloaded nervous system.

Your nervous system is the hard drive that controls your immune, glandular, respiratory and every other system that reacts to an allergen, and allows you to respond and adapt to the world around you. Suffering uncontrollable from hay fever or a pet’s dander could be due to an external interference or an over-load in your nervous system, not allowing your brain to send the proper responses to your organ systems. These interferences can be from physical (ie; trauma), emotional (stressful lifestyle), and/or chemical (pollution, food additives, drugs, etc.) issues. Chiropractic care and Applied Kinesiology (AK) protocols utilize your body’s computer to locate and reduce those interferences.

Chiropractic has helped many allergy sufferers, as well as many other conditions that are “treated” (masked) with drugs.

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