You wouldn’t believe the problems folks present with at our clinic!

Obvious Spinal Problem

Most people associate chiropractic care with headaches, neck and back problems. Our practice focuses on the body’s overall health and well-being, as well as spinal problems. Although the spine is the direct extension of the bodies’ main computer, the brain, we assess and work to normalize (almost) every joint and nerve throughout the body.

Visceral or Organic Complaints

Some folks consult our practice for “non-back” health problems. While formal research is limited, we’ve had many positive experiences caring for those suffering from bed-wetting, asthma, colic and digestive problems, such as GERD, irritable bowel syndrome and hiatal hernias. If the patient has vertebral subluxation complexes, chiropractic care may be helpful. Remember, your nervous system travels through the spinal cord, on its way to every structure in the body. Thus, it is directly related to those above noted conditions!

Natural Drug Free Health Care

Those who wish to avoid drugs or surgery will often consult our practice first. Chiropractic care is a safe, natural approach to better health.

Maintenance and Prevention

If you’ve had chiropractic care elsewhere, you already know the value of ongoing chiropractic care. One does not buy a car and never get an oil change or a tune-up! Even your hard drive need maintenance to keep that computer worked efficiently. Your body also needs regular maintenance to function optimally.

A few months ago a gentleman returned, after not seeking care for a dozen, or so, years. His main complaint was numbness of his upper lip. His problem was 90% resolved with the care he received here.

Several area MDs refer some of their difficult cases of digestive problems (GERD, hiatal hernias, chronic constipation & diarrhea) to us for care. Without the use of pharmaceutical drugs, we can usually assist these folks in regaining their ability to properly digest and absorb the nutrients that they need to live a healthier life.

Being a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP), athletes seek out care for injuries that result from over-training or improper exercising, as well as performance enhancement work to excel at their sport. I have worked with NFL, NBA, European soccer players, as well as little leaguers, girls softball players, high school and collegiate athletes and weekend warriors of all sizes.

Women with hormonal imbalances, including the unpredictable peri-menopausal stage of maturity, are thankful that there are ways to balance their systems without the use of, potentially, dangerous drugs.

We also care for the unlucky ones who have been injured in a motor vehicle, or cycling accident. Having studied with one of the foremost authorities on car accidents, we help these people return to their day to day lives in a timely manner. This is usually after the ER doc sends them home with muscle relaxers and pain drugs and tells them: “You’ll be fine in a week or so, it’s just a soft tissue injury!”

Having practiced in Europe and the States, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard patients tell me that their medical doctor told them that they’d have to live with their pain…That is rarely the case! The body is resilient and can recover from injuries—even months or years after they occur.

If your problem cannot be helped here, we will do our best to refer you to right practitioner to assist you in regaining your most valuable asset, your health.

Stay Well

We experience life through our nervous system. Those who want to optimize their health, be all that they can be, and perform at their best, should give us a call at (510) 526-6243.

“Our goal is to treat the body only when necessary, to affect and maintain your optimal wellness. I’d be honored to be your doctor.”