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  • Christina Spagnola
    Office Manager
    I was first introduced to chiropractic after I was injured in a car accident in April 2008. I was in constant pain and the pain killers my MD prescribed made me tired and moody. After trying physical therapy and acupuncture with little results, I decided to try chiropractic. It was a great decision! My pain became less and my body responded quickly and returned to how I felt before the accident. Soon after being helped by a chiropractor without drugs I started working for one. I’m still learning more about the benefits of a more natural way to better health and am amazed to learn how chiropractic care can boost one’s immune system and improve overall health. My entire family which include my husband and children now receive regular chiropractic care to maintain our healthy immune systems. I’m here to help answer any questions and make you feel at home in our friendly East Bay office.

  • Ron Anderson
    We have hired a great new receptionist to take over afternoon responsibilities from Christina. She will be spending more time with her kids. Ron Anderson, started last week, and has fit in well with our little office environment. Please welcome him when you call and/or come in for your appointments. Remember to properly hydrate in this warm weather!

  • Julia Garcia-Melan
    Licensed Massage Therapist
    Did you know that massage is a wonderful complement to your chiropractic adjustment? Relaxing tight muscles around a joint can lead to a more effective and longer lasting chiropractic treatment! I have spent over a decade working in luxury spas, with professional athletes, and with survivors of trauma. And for me, there is something particularly special about working with Dr. Prins’ patients because I see them getting exactly the treatment and guidance they need to heal. For some people I use deep pressure, focusing on stretching out muscles and releasing myofascial trigger points. For others, I use more nurturing techniques that improve lymph flow and restore balance to the nervous system. Either way, each massage I give allows for rest when needed and celebrates the body’s natural propensity to heal itself.

    I am here to complement Dr. Prins’ chiropractic care in part because I understand that even chronic pain can be addressed when working at the right depth and rhythm. I help my clients find stillness in a busy week or after a trauma by approaching each session with an open mind and a listening heart.

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