Sprain/Strain Injuries

A sprain is an injury to the ligaments, the structures that connects bone to bone and provide structural support to the joints. There is no direct blood supply to ligaments, therefore swelling, bruising or reduced range of motion may not appear for days to weeks later. This is why many victims of motor vehicle accident (MVA) who experience whiplash will wake up days later with a stiff and sore neck or back, and why it’s important to get care right away after an injury.

A strain is an injury to the tendons, the structures that connect muscles to bone and contract to produce movement. Often the muscles get injured as well. The most common mechanism of injury is sudden traumatic injuries, often sports/high intensity activity related; however chronic overuse such as repetitive computer typing can strain the forearm muscles or repetitive texting can strain the thumb muscles, also known as “texting thumb.”

At our office we will conduct a thorough history of the injury, including mechanism of injury, timing, duration and severity of symptoms, aggravating and ameliorating activities and/or positions as well as previous injuries or surgeries and concurrent health conditions.


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