“Pinched Nerve”, “Slipped Disc”

There are often misconceptions about what a “pinched nerve” is. Most people who experience musculoskeletal issues feel a pinch or stabbing type pain in their neck or back that the term was eventually coined.

In fact, nerves are rarely affected by a direct pinching process, but are more often compressed, irritated, tensioned, or stretched. Nerves can be compressed or impinged by bone, tumors, disc bulges, fibrotic (scar) tissue, or their surrounding structures— muscles.

The overwhelming majority of “pinched nerve” can also stem from another familiar problem that is also misconceived— the “slipped disc.”

The intervertebral discs (IVD) that lie between adjacent vertebrae in your spine are made up of collagen fibers, water, proteoglycans (proteins), and hydrated gel-like matter (fat). When IVDs become herniated or damaged, tearing of the outer part of the IVD can allow the gel-like materials to spew out into a small space where a nerve travels, thus causing radiation down the spinal nerve. Depending on which disc is affected, radiation can occur down the arm into specific fingers, down the legs into specific toes, and/or to organs causing them to malfunction.


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