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The Summer of Gratitude

Posted on Tuesday, June 20, 2023

I have had quite a year! Three, not minor surgeries and dealing the the waning pandemic had my plate overflowing. As the world emerges from the Covid-19 virus, we need to acknowledge that the United States, has a broken system of health care. Almost no practitioner takes the time to assess entire systems that work in tandem to keep the amazing human body working efficiently. That being my view of the current crisis, I am extremely grateful for the path I have chosen to assist folks (and occasionally our furry companions) achieve and maintain better health.

This past weekend, I attended a seminar by a brilliant colleague on: Decoding complex & chronic patient cases.
A couple of takeaways I’d like to share:

Degenerative pathologies (osteoarthritis, stenosis, bulging discs, frequent re-injuries to name a few) typically develop from chronic functional illnesses. To simplify: diagnoses as pre-diabetic, hypertensive, told you must take statins for the rest of your life, etc. are related to the tone of your nervous system, ie: how your body works/feels/moves is integrally related to how ALL the other systems of the body operate!

According to Dr Weston Price, world renowned dentist and nutritionist, as well as Royal Lee,DDS, the founder of one of the first whole food nutritional supplement companies, Standard Process:
‘Compromised nutrition leads to both functional and degenerative pathological disease.’ I am including a recent letter that a long time patient sent me to illustrate that reality:

Before adjustment
Meh-didn’t feel like doing anything. It was painful to get out of a chair. Wondering if I was starting to have my father’s afflictions-he started limping at my age. Didn’t feel like playing my instrument(s). Didn’t want to tackle paperwork. Was so flat that my partner even encouraged me to make an appointment.

After appointment
Felt euphoric. That evening, felt a zapping in my back, as if the lights were back on. Felt like playing music. Got it all done the first week. Relieved to understand the cause of my pain, and knowing that my symptoms were not being masked by medication. No more waking up in pain. My energy returned, playing music again. So grateful.

Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology are NOT just pain reduction modalities!
Being adjusted not only can relieve the pain and increase normal joint function, it is critical in aiding the bodies systems in maintaining homeostasis (balance), a state of health, the lack of dis-ease.

I am grateful for the medical professionals that aided in my care this past year. MDs are critical to our system. However, the vast majority are so specialized that they often miss the big picture of health.

I have been on an endless journey to find and hone the tools to help people achieve and maintain true health. If someone you know is not well, and they’ve ‘tried everything!’ please think of referring them our way.

We have the time and energy to help and are always grateful for the opportunity.


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